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With the cold of winter our museum is now closed.  Please do reach out to us through email if you need some information from our library or if there is any research that we may be able to help you with. We will also do presentations and displays elsewhere if board members are available. Call Helen at home 1-204-476-2723 or her cell 1-204-212-2723 with any inquiries.


We wish to express our appreciation to Charlotte Regalario, for all her work this summer. She was a wonderful asset to the museum, and a valuable connection with the community through engaging Facebook posts, newspaper articles and tours. We will continue to benefit from her research through the year. The following are quotes from her summer report:


"Despite some challenges, I have also accumulated achievements in the
museum. There are a total of 518 guests, and I have helped with 3 tours this summer. I
have also helped with two grandparents’ week in total with various draws. Furthermore,
I successfully finished various displays in the museum, namely the Ukrainian-Polish
Display, Military Display, Medical Room, and (half) the Children’s Room. Because of the
internet, I was also able to do a ton of research to different artifacts, as well as post on
our Facebook account daily. Personally, I was able to learn a lot about myself, my
interests, and work ethic in this job. Within those four months, I have truly achieved
many personal and museum’s goals and I am truly grateful for the opportunity." 
Charlotte Regalario


"I really just want to thank everyone in the museum for this opportunity. To Helen, who
provided me with such great help and guided me through the job, I offer my absolute
gratitude. Thank you for the patience, constant encouragements and (sweet treats), and
providing me with stuff to be busy with (especially research, cleaning, and scanning
which I love). Special thanks to Jodi, Rob, and Wenona for always checking up on how I
am doing throughout the job and getting to know me in these four months. Thank you
for the rest of the board members and volunteers, who welcomed me to this job, and the
Beautiful Plains Museum wouldn’t be running without everyone. It has been a privilege
to receive this job, as it provided me with precious knowledge about dear Neepawa and
igniting my passion for the arts.
This has been a unique and fun experience, and I would never replace it with anything
else. Thank you all so much and wishing everyone the absolute best!" Charlotte Regalario

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